“We’re sorry, but the next flight to Amsterdam is tomorrow morning. You’ll have to spend the day and night here, but we’ll provide a hotel and meals free of charge.”

We were plagued by sickness and exhaustion, but Reykjavik was a detour well worth-it.

Upon arrival at our hotel, it was clear that Iceland-air had done a great job of taking care of us and the other stranded passengers. Trendy yet cozy, this was the perfect place to rest and rejuvenate.

After some much-needed sleep, we got up to explore Reykjavik. The area  was clearly a tourist center, with gift shops and restaurants aimed at attracting visitors. We walked around the cobblestone streets, stopping into a delightful and well-designed coffee shop where we caffeinated ourselves while writing postcards to our nieces and nephews.

We concluded our walk with the most magnificent sunset over the water. Conor even put me on his shoulders to get a good picture from a higher viewpoint.

Dinner was superb. We weren’t expecting much, because Iceland isn’t known for great food and after all, it was free, but we were pleasantly surprised by the delicious fish and more importantly, the chocolate mousse dessert with raspberry vanilla ice cream, served in a mason jar. Way to be trendy Iceland.

Back to sleep. In the morning, we’d finally be on our way to Amsterdam.

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