New Year’s Eve and Katie #2’s Visit

We had a special visitor to help us ring in 2016 – none other than Katie #2! Our days with Katie were spent roaming the city (in the cold and in the rain), eating lots of cheese and sweets, and drinking the city dry of wine (and bloody Mary’s and Irish coffees).
New Year’s Eve was absolutely magical. Rather than having several big fireworks shows, the tradition is that everyone just sets off their own fireworks, right in the streets. Starting at around 6pm, all we could here was the sounds of popping fireworks for hours until the grand finale at midnight. Katie #2 was asleep, but Conor and I snuck out to stand in the street and officially ring in the new year. We stood at an intersection in our neighborhood and watched as fireworks lit up the sky from all four directions. It was one of those moments where we couldn’t stop smiling, and were on complete and total disbelief that we actually live here.

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