Our First Trip Home

Katie and I have made a bit of a pledge to explore a new and different place every month we live in Europe. So we took our first official trip the final weekend of October. Our Destination: Delaware.

Yes, our first travel out of Amsterdam was to turn right back around again and head back to the States for a quick stop in. My college friend, and one of my favorite people, Mike Krystopolski was getting married to his wonderful bride, Megan, and asked me to be a part of his celebration. Katie came along and got to meet all the ol’ gang from St. Joe’s. The wedding was set long before we knew we were on our way to Amsterdam. While the timing was unfortunate, we were happy to see such a lovely event.

We left bright and early on Wednesday Morning and after 15 hours Taxi’s, cars, trains and planes, we finally got to a bed at my sisters’ place in New Hope, Pennsylvania, and the next day in Wilmington.

The wedding day and its eve were filled with college friends, happy faces and hugs, tuxedos, church jokes, delicious food, and too many happy tears to count. Megan was a beautiful and graceful bride; Mike is only… the best.

We then got to spend the weekend with my family in New Hope, Pennsylvania. My sisters moved in a couple of months ago, and they really have transformed the place into a home. My favorite rug rats, Lucas and Lily, went trick or treating on Halloween. My sister, Kate, had taken care of Katie and I in the costume department – Katie was Batman, and I was her sidekick and ward, Robin (much like real life).

A wonderful trip home. I got to eat Wawa, three times. Katie dropped $300 bucks at Target on cold medicine and all her favorite toiletries, Katie and Lucas went on an imagination adventure. A whirlwind of emotion, joy, and deprived sleep.

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