Overtoom 347.

It’s been a week and Conor and I have really come to love our 4th floor loft on Overtoom (despite the 69 stairs and lack of oven). Overtoom is a main street in The West of Amsterdam with lots of cute furniture shops, food markets, cafes/restaurants and plenty of people watching opportunities. In fact, my favorite pastime these days is to sit on our window bench and watch the cars and bikes ride by. Conor’s favorite pastime is trying to figure out how to fit in the bathroom. We’ve got a tiny toilet in a tiny, odd-shaped room that’s not great for a big guy with long legs. He’s getting better every day though!

Besides the super small bathroom, the other odd thing about the apartment is that the shower’s in the kitchen. So I can cook while Conor serenades me with shower tunes.

Today we’re meeting with our first real estate agent to help us find an apartment. We’re excited to see what’s out there, but will be sad to say goodbye to 347 Overtoom.

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