Winkel 43

Aimal’s first recommendation was on point (see previous post – Gartine), so when he told us about an apple pie place that he loves, even though he doesn’t normally like apple pie, we were in.

The place is called Winkel 43, and it’s located in the North-West part of the Jordaan. It’s obviously well known amongst locals and tourists, as the line was out the door and open tables were nonexistent. So I stood in line while Conor table stalked.

I was fully planning on ordering one piece of pie for us to split, but after eyeing the surrounding tables, I quickly realized this was not a dessert to share. Although they serve other food and desserts there, EVERYONE was eating apple pie, and EVERYONE had their own piece (even all the skinny Europeans!). The pie plates were lined up on the counter, ready for a dollop of  fresh whipped cream before being served to the next customer in line.

With two pies and two cappuccinos in hand, I set out to find Conor, who had successfully hunted down the perfect outside table right at the entrance of the restaurant. The bench even had Winkel 43 blankets to keep us warm while we ate.

Needless to say, the pie was outstanding. Not too sweet, perfectly warm, gooey texture, and spectacular crust. I’d even say they nailed the filling/crust ratio (you’d love it Grace Yu!).  Aimal, thanks so much for the recommendation(s)…we hope you visit soon so we can thank you with a piece of pie.

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