Wynard Fockink

A couple of weekends ago, we went out with one of my coworkers and her husband for Sunday evening drinks. We met at Wynard Fockink, a super old (established 1679) spirits and liqueur distillery tucked away in an alley in the Centrum. It’s is known for its jenever, which is a juniper flavoured liquor from which gin evolved. In addition to their 6 types of jenever, they have over 30 flavours of tasty liqueurs. Literally any flavour you can imagine – creme brûlée, apple pie, gingerbread, cinnamon, and strawberry to name a few.

The place is full of character from the 17th century – walking in feels like you’re stepping back in time. There are no seats or tables, so people take their drinks out into the alleyway.

The most interesting thing about Wynard Fockink is the way you receive your drinks. They are served in cute, curvy shot glasses that resemble miniature piña colada glasses, and filled ALL the way to the top. They are so full that you can’t possibly move them without spilling, so the tradition is to stick your butt out and bend over to slurp the first few sips off the top. There are even instructional comic strips on the walls to explain the technique.

We enjoyed two rounds of delicious liqueurs – between the two of us we tried lemon, coffee, something fruity and peppermint. Now we’re officially pros at the jenever sipping technique, and will be happy to demonstrate it for you when you visit.

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